You Can Now Visit Disney World After Lockdown

The delightful park that is home to our favorite characters, thrilling rides, and giant drum sticks have joined the parks opening up for guests. That is great, and it was only possible because the pandemic and has put some protective measures to ensure guests’ safety.

So if you plan to take a trip with your family and friends to Disney World in Florida, these are what you should expect and are required to abide by!

· Face Masks

Face masks, as you probably know, are mandatory in Disney World. Visitors aged two and above must wear masks at all times except when actively eating, drinking, standing at a spot alone, inside the pool, or in a mask relaxation zone.

Masks must not be removed even for the sake of taking pictures or in an active ride. There is n new rule that prohibits guests from eating and drinking while waiting in a queue.

· Eating or Drinking in Line

Certain specifications of masks must be met to be eligible for use in Disney World. These face coverings are to be worn at all times in the dining area, in queues, standing, waiting, or sitting in dining locations.

In addition, masks permitted here must be made out of at least double layers of materials that can easily let in air and cover the nose and mouth completely.

It is vital to note that bandanas and other make-shift face covers will not be accepted, and guests who are vaccinated are still required to wear masks and sanitize in dining areas.

· Social Distancing

You will see signs that prompt visitors to maintain a six-foot spacing from other parties and markings on the ground indicating where you must stand or wait in the queue.

Visitors traveling in large groups must not travel with a party larger than ten. If they do, they will be asked to break up into smaller units at dining spots, in queues, and other locations around the parks and resorts to give room for better physical distancing.

· Hand Sanitizers and Hand-Washing Stations

Sanitizers and hand-washing stations can be found throughout Disney world with water and soap. Look out for those before getting on any ride or into any shop.

· Temperature Checks

Your temperature will be taken if you want to access Disney’s table service restaurant, world theme park, springs, or mini-golf courses,. It should not be around 100.4 F or above.

If your body temperature falls within this range, you will be referred to another location for additional screening.

For a more extensive knowledge of what to expect in Disney World, Florida, contact us. Ask all your questions and have them answered by our travel experts.

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