Top 4 Florida Cruises and Boat Tours

The reasons for boating are more than we can count. Whether you’re taking your family or going with friends on vacation, boating is always a great option. Even if you’re exercising or searching for a more profound perspective on life, boat tours or cruises can easily make all this possible for you. For your ideal vacation in Florida, here are 4 top cruises and boat tours you really shouldn’t miss out on!

Boat Tour To See The Wildman Of The Loxahatchee

Trapper Nelson was a gator-wrestler that once lived along the Loxahatchee River in Florida. He started as a fur trader and a trapper in the 1930s, then later made his home into a site for tourist attraction.

People flocked there to see “Trapper’s Zoo and “Jungle Gardens,” and now, it’s you’re your turn to enjoy such an experience! But you can’t get there through any public roads; only a boat tour can take you there.

The African Queen Boat

The African Queen Boat features the authentic, eponymous steamboat used in the movie starring Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in 1951.

The boat is licensed to carry six passengers at once on its largo cruises. More often than not, fans of the actors yearn to sit at the same spots as the actors for intimacy or just because it’s pretty exciting.

A Tour Through The Tarpon Springs

The Greek heritage of the Tarpon Springs, which was once a place for the Greek activity of diving for sponges, is an excellent place for a boat tour.

You get to listen to Tarpon stories while touring the Anclote River, scan the gulf waters hoping to spot dolphins and appreciate the beauty of nature. The boat tours also give room for visitors to enjoy Anclote’s sandy beaches.

Miami Beach

The boat tours from Miami’s Festive Bayside Marketplace and offers an equally fantastic view of the palatial estates, which some celebrities pay to view from their many unique addresses.

Miami Beach is a haven for vacationers. Warm water and beauty wherever entail a wonderful and fun experience.

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