Spend An Afternoon in These Parks As Picnics Return to Miami Dade, Florida

If you’ve been pining for a vacation in Miami-Dade, the beautiful state of Florida, the wait is finally over! With shelter and picnic areas now open, these are the mandatory protocols in such places.

· Endeavor to wear approved face shield and mask at all times.

· Maintain hand hygiene and social distancing of at least 6 feet between persons from different groups.

· Keep group size to the approved social distancing number and maintain significant space between other groups and sub-groups.

Suppose you have missed spending cool afternoons and evenings in parks for picnics with friends and loved ones. In that case, you can now pack up your picnic baskets and make your way to these beautiful parks for a nice picnic!

· Merrie Christmas Park

A kid and family favorite. The Merrie Christmas park is bustling with plenty of picnic spots for family and lovers alike.

Located on the intersection between South Miami, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gable, it is one of the coziest parks in Miami Dade. A reason for this are the banyans towering over it and enclosing it from residential areas.

Spring or summer, a picnic at the Merrie Christmas Park will always be in season. So stuff your basket with the best wine let the fresh breeze take over the evening!

· South Pointe Park

This South Beach park is unarguably one of the region’s favorites. Although it may be pretty new and freshly trimmed, people flock to it because of its spacious flat surface and trails used for a light work-out.

In addition, the refreshing green space flanked by water on either side is the scenic beauty that takes an evening picnic to a glorious new level.

So spread your mats on the shade cast by its hills, and catch the sunset with your date from its elevated parts.

· Morningside Park

Because of the kayak and paddleboard rentals offered here, Morningside Park is not shy of visitors, especially during the weekends.

You may choose to unpack in one of its many benches or select a spot overlooking the water while the breeze gently blows over you for your picnic date!

The chances are that you may return here more often than even you can believe for a chance to get away from the bustle of civilization.

The sunshine state of Florida has so many parks and recreation that can make your summer extraordinary. Call us at (360) 502-4004 to learn more about them and other things to spice up your vacation in Florida.

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