Hang Out At These Cool Spots In DC As International Travel Returns To The US

Most indoor activity restrictions and limitations placed on the capacity it can hold were lifted on May 21, including offices, restaurants, and schools.

Also, restrictions placed on nightclubs, bars, and other entertainment venues were lifted on June 11. These ended the remaining restrictions left in the district as the number of Corona Virus cases continued to shrink Significantly.

Travelers planning to visit the US this summer are required to get tested at least three days before their air travel into the states. Present your negative COVID-19 test results to the airline or evidence of recovery (if the virus has afflicted you) from a trusted healthcare provider clearing you to travel.

If you have been postponing your trip to the US, what better time than the summer to make good on it and hang out at these cool spots in DC?

· Blue Duck Tavern

A thorough building law means a significant amount of rooftop spaces and patios in DC used for entertainment and dining areas that the locals can't seem to get enough of.

The Blue Duck Tavern happens to be one of the dreamy dining areas found on rooftops. The only thing better than its handcrafted interiors is the delicious food served in this place made out of locally sourced ingredients. Other patio dining spots just as enchanting are Le Diplomate, Iron Gate, and Masseria.

· Landmark E Street Cinema

There are tons of excellent movie theatres found in the same area as Landmark E street cinema involve. For example, the Angelika Film Center & Café at Mosaic, the Alamo Drafthouse One Loudoun, and the ArcLight Bethesda.

This cinema best serves the option of foreign flicks, documentaries, indie, and other historical cult classic movies.

Seeing a film here is such a thrill because of the exotic and local blend of drinks alongside lovely wines served in its in-house bar.

· 9:30 Club

The DC scene is associated with great music and even better music venues and clubs; 9:30 Club is one such iconic place.

The cozy, welcoming, and warm ambiance of the 9:30 Club is topped off by its expressive light and sound setup, bar, and easily accessible food.

This place has managed to be intimate and cozy yet still be spacious enough to see stage performances from any proximity. Of course, you can also check out places like U-Street Music hall, Black Cat, DC9 for a great night treat to DC music culture.

There are so many great places in the DC area of the United States, and we want you to see them all! So call us at (360) 502-4004 to find out more about these places and attractions and other things that you can indulge in while in DC.

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