A Brief Guide For A 2021 Summer In Hawaii During COVID-19

Planning a summer vacation to Hawaii may prove challenging at this time with the ever-changing safety protocols for visitors. However, since the Islands have officially re-opened to visitors, we will try to assemble a simple guide that will help you prepare for a vacation in Hawaii!

· Hawaii Travel For Vaccinated Visitors

Visitors who are vaccinated are required to produce a COVID-19 test from an authenticated source and tested partner within a 72-hour window of travel.

Although this applies to travelers from outside the island, interisland travelers who are fully vaccinated will not provide any form of a test result or proof of vaccination.

A plan to exempt vaccinated visitors from providing negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination is in place and would be announced at completion.

· COVID-19 Testing

Testing remains the sole option for transpacific travelers until the exemption is completed and announced. This test should be completed within 72hrs before the flight departure to Hawaii. It must be done at a Hawaii-approved testing partner.

The testing expenditure incurred is borne by the traveler and can differ from free to $250 per head. Negative COVID-19 results will lead to quarantine in Hawaii.

The only nature of test accepted by the state of Hawaii is the Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT). It must be from a certified trusted partner. All travelers aged five and above are eligible for a COVID-19 test.

· Quarantine Rules

The state of Hawaii has no tolerance for negative COVID-19 tests, test results obtained from a random lab, and flouting of the quarantine regulations. Being a part of any of this could have you in a mandatory 10-days quarantine or be evicted from Hawaii.

All arrivals 18 and older must register through the mandatory Hawaii Safe Travels online program required for interisland and mainland travel.

All Negative COVID-19 test results must be held in hand and uploaded to the Safe Travels website before departing from the Mainland US to Hawaii. The 72-hr time limit is calculated with your last flight arrival if you have multiple flights.

Within 24 hours before departure, endeavor to upload a mandatory health questionnaire to your safe travel accounts. In addition, you will be given a QR code for all your flights to and within Hawaii.

For a smooth, hassle-free vacation in Hawaii, contact us. If you need to know more ways in which to prepare yourself before traveling to Hawaii or any other summer location of your choice in the pandemic, call us at (360) 502-4004 and get all your answers from our seasoned travel agents.

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