5 Great Places and Attractions in Hawaii

Updated: Jun 12

It’s easy for you to see Hawaii in pictures while surfing the net. But no matter how beautiful those pictures are, they can never get among the real thing!

You need to see Hawaii beyond just images. We want you to walk atop the soft sands of Waikiki Beach in South Oahu, Lana’i’s Island in Maui, and several other beautiful locations.

Visiting Hawaii is a remarkably unique experience. You’ll love the food, the environment, the friendly people, and the lovely attractions. Below are some of the best attractions in Hawaii!

· Kona Coffee Farms

It does not matter if you are a coffee lover or not; you should still see these coffee farms. They’re some of Hawaii’s most iconic attractions, so make sure your camera is at the ready. Then, you’ll be able to get some great pictures to show off to friends and loved ones back home!

· Haleakala National Park, Maui

We’re all but certain you’ve gone hiking with friends before. But we’re also sure the experience will be unlike anything you’ll enjoy when you go hiking at the Haleakala National Park! This park is perfect for thrill-seekers. The cold highlands alone are worth the hike!

· Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

This is one of the most popular places in the Hawaiian Islands. Since 1916, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park has entertained thousands of tourists. There’s so much history etched on its rocks. Go there and feed your eyes on mother nature’s beauty.

· USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial sits at Pearl Harbor. It is one of the most important sites in the United States and the entire world.

Wouldn’t you want to see where WWII started? And it’s a chance to meet like-minded individuals make friends while enjoying yourself.

· Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

How does going on vacation to one of the most beautiful places on earth sound? This park is home to Hawaii’s colorful history too. Prepare to explore nature as you’ve never seen it before!

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