5 Amazing Restaurants in Disney World, Florida

Updated: Jun 12

Disney World, Florida, is a place unlike no other. From the attractions to the food to pretty much everything you see there is special!

Speaking of food, the cuisines in Disneyland are some of the finest you’ll ever taste. We wager you won’t see food prepared in so many unique and fun ways. Listed below are some of Disneyland Florida’s most popular restaurants!

· Cinderella’s Royal Table

One of the fantastic things about this restaurant is that you’ll get to meet some of Disney’s most famous princesses there. And if you like ice cream, you'll get your fill here. In addition, it is open to people of all ages and offers delectable dishes you wouldn’t want to miss!

· Topolino Terrace

You can find this restaurant at the Riviera resort. It offers excellent views and yet another opportunity to see and meet your favorite Disney characters.

And when it comes to food, stuff yourself with excellent French and Italian meals like smoked salmons and ravioli. Have as much fun as possible with friends and family.

· Takumi Tei

The Takumi Tei offers a unique dining experience. What makes it so special is that it has lovely themed rooms: earth, wood, water, washi paper, and stone. It’s unlike any place we have seen, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way once you set foot in it!

This restaurant also offers some incredible Japanese food. Enjoy it alone or with the entire family.

· Le Cellier

You can find this restaurant at Epcot, Canada pavilion. If you love meat, you’ll adore this restaurant. Many a visitor comes here on their first trip to Disneyland, and with good reason!

We recommend you try the Asparagus tomato relish or some good poutine. But don’t go overboard because the meals taste so good you won’t want to stop eating. And that’s no exaggeration; it’s just a simple fact!

· The Boat House

How do you like the idea of eating while you enjoy a scenic view of calm, gray water? This restaurant makes that possible. And you can book in advance, which is quite convenient.

Make your way to the Boat House and sink your teeth into scrumptious shrimps, lobsters, and a variety of other seafood.

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