Answers to your most common asked questions

Why Use a Travel Agent Instead of Booking Online?

Travel agents make the job easier and less stressful for you. Imagine that you're trying to book a family reunion cruise for 25 people. You will spend a lot of time researching the best one, finding the right room types and organizing a way for everyone to pay. Or, you can have a travel agent do it all for you..and it costs you NOTHING because the agency gets paid from the cruise line directly.

Can a Travel Agent Save You Money?


  1. They have access to wholesale pricing that hotels, tour companies and cruise lines reserve exclusively for travel agencies.
  2. They are contacted directly when anything goes on sale in the travel industry and they can inform you right away. That way you're certain to get the best deals before they expire. Most agencies have a "Deal Watch List" that you can get on and you'll get an email or a phone call as soon as prices drop for a particular trip or destination you have in mind.

Where is Cruises and Vacation located?

We have a storefront office at 113 First Avenue SW in Castle Rock, Washington. You may also call us 24/7. We're here to help before, during and after your trip.

Do Your Agents Like Chocolate and Coffee from Exotic Places?

Now that's a silly question. We love souvenirs from our clients and exotic chocolates and coffee (or paper weights) are our favorite.